_01 Automation and control

We make electric control boxes for any area of industry, using equipment, programming, communication systems, installation, and mounting.

  • Software

  • Hardware

  • Scada

  • PLC Programming

  • Communication systems via radio and GSM

  • Design and mounting of electric boxes

  • Electric installations

_02 Dosing of additives

We make installations and microprocessors for the correct dosing of additive in the manufacturing of concrete.

  • Dispensers in direct download

  • Dispensers in indirect download

  • Dosing in heavy indirect download

  • Dosing in portable indirect download

  • Dosing scales

  • Microprocessors

  • Accessories

_03 Moisture Probes

We have microwave probes, for the detection of moisture in the aggregates and mixers, for the manufacturing of a higher quality concrete.

  • Microwave probes for aggregates

  • Sondas microondas para mezcladora

  • Software

  • Accessories

_04 Fleet Management

It is a system that allows the total control of cement in concrete trunks from its manufacturing until its delivery and the supervision of the fleet in real time.

  • ISM system

  • BETONSAT system