_01 Concrete

One of the main areas of our company, with over 35 years of experience and hundreds of facilities mounted worldwide, accredit us as a leading company in the sector.

Examples of application:

Truck units

Tower like units
Centrals with hoppers in line
Centrals with mixers
Centrals with By-Pas dry/wet way
Mobile units
Collection systems for aggregates

Prefabricated units

Centrals with skip
Centrals for thin/thick bilayer
Centrals with multi-wagon


Centrals for dosing, mixing and transport of finished product


Automation of gravel-cement units continuously

_02 Additives

This area was incorporated to our company in 1992 to continue offering more solutions for the industry of our clients.

Examples of application include:

Dosing equipment for direct download
Dosing equipment for indirect download
Dosing equipment for heavy indirect download
Dosing equipment for portable indirect download
Dosing scales

_03 Diesel Generators

This area started with us in 1978 and has made our company a pioneer in giving solutions for the automation of diesel, gas or gasoline generators.

Examples of applications:

Commutation boxes network/ group
Boxes for parallel network/ group
Boxes for parallel group/ group
Protection boxes
Boxes of remote starts
Manual boxes

_04 Water and Industry

Being an automation company, we can develop programs and control automations for any aspect of industry.

Examples of application:

Water flow and elevation
Dirty-water treatment plants
Clean-water treatment plants
Pressure groups
Pumping and irrigation